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FrankenPumpkin | 10 Minute Pumpkin Craft

I love the idea of the “Funkin” – it’s reusable, there’s no guts to deal with, it won’t rot when I leave it on my porch through thanksgchristmas – and yet they totally freak me out! I’m terrified to carve into one for fear that I make a giant, unfixable, disastrous mess. But GLITTER a funkin?? Well. THAT I’m not afraid to dive into! Meet my darling “FrankenPumpkin”! You can have one too in about 10 minutes. It’s an easy, fun pumpkin craft that doesn’t take a whole afternoon. How fabulous is that?

Easy pumpkin decorating craft for halloween | arg photographspinthis

This fella has been around for a few years – he was created originally for a teacher’s pumpkin decorating contest. It was supposed to be anonymous but as soon as my kiddos saw the glitter they knew he was mine. It’s good to be known for being sparkly, right? Now he lives in my dining room atop a cake plate.

To make your own, you’ll need :

– One “Funkin” (fake foamy/rigid) pumpkin

– black craft paint

– white craft paint

– ModPodge or other decoupage medium

– green glitter

– pencil or sharpie

– paint brushes

optional, but highly recommended:

– two “bolts” for the neck

– white glitter OR white embossing powder

– back “slick” paint (like the kind used for painting tshirts)

Easy Pumpkin Craft | arg phtographspinthis

Start by loosely drawing out your Frankenpumpkin’s features. I used the pumpkin “sections” to help keep things kind of equal (but he was theoretically stitched together, right? So…). Two big droopy eyes went on first, then the ears. Then the zig zag “bangs” and a vision of where the nose and mouth would go. Hold the stem and apply ModPodge to his “face” avoiding the whites of the eyes and the hair line. Work in sections, glittering as you go. Touch up any parts that didn’t get covered the first go. Tap the pumpkin well between applications to shake loose any extra or loose glitter.

Easy Pumpkin decorating | arg photographspinthis

If you’re using white glitter or embossing powder (which I used because it’s opaque!), apply ModPodge to the “whites” of the eyes and carefully sprinkle on the white embossing powder or glitter (silver might look cool, too!). You could also fill in the whites with craft paint. Keep using the hollow middle and the stem to juggle your Frankenpumpkin. The 10 minute part comes into play because we don’t have to wait for drying! Paint the guy some hair with the black craft paint. Now isn’t the time to get all perfection-y.

Easy pumpkin craft | arg photographspinthis For the finishing touches, use your black slick (t-shirt) paint (or any thicker paint in a tube with a small opening) to “draw” on some outlines and details including his mouth, nose, hairline, around the ears, and a stitched up scar or two. I also poked two holes in his “neck” and added in some spare “bolts” from FMG’s stash of random nuts/bolts/screws jar. They screw in very easily. Et voila! Your very own, not very scary, Frankenpumpkin!


easy halloween craft | glitter pumpkinpinthis


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