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Remember the show “Sister Sister”? Totally different “sister, sister” up there in the post title – but special none the less. Kimberly, the gorgeous Houston momma you’ll see below, and I met at Texas A&M when we lived across the dorm hall from each other. Well, one thing lead to another, Kimberly pledged Pi Phi and ended up my little sister. Two artistic, introverted extroverts, destined to be together. (I mean, it might not have been that dramatic – but I love her dearly!)

Now here we are, both mommas to girls, and she’s adding little angels to our “family” tree. Kimberly and Thomas graciously invited me into their out-of-Architectural-Digest home for their girls’ first photo shoot.

These two look like old pros – not first timers – and Jillian and Genevieve are obviously in amazingly capable hands.

The “in between” moments of in-home sessions – also known as the “lifestyle” part of the process – are hands down my favorite. Thomas needed to take a moment to snuggle and it resulted in one of the most endearing images from our session.


Thank you Kimbob – for entrusting this milestone to me and sharing your home and family. Your girls are beautiful babies and I know they’ll grow into even more beautiful girls! I can’t wait to write their RIFs and go to Bid Day with you in 18 years! Ring ching!

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The best part about visiting families in their homes for newborn sessions is just that  - it’s their HOME. Their space. Their life and the people and things they love. No matter where they are in San Antonio, meeting a family at home for a newborn session is a fabulous thing.

Baby Theo’s beautiful home, in the heart of King William,  was a perfect backdrop for his newborn session – which he stayed awake the entire time for! Catching moments like this is one of the reasons I love including the whole family. A mother never forgets the feeling of holding her infant in her arms when they are that tiny. Then, looking back, even just a few months later, it’s hard to believe they were ever that tiny!

Aren’t baby yawns the best?

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It’s time for backpacks, fresh crayons, the smell of new pencils and the endless possibilities of an empty notebook. For 1 in 5 San Antonio students, a new backpack or school supplies are the stuff  new school year dreams are made of. I remember (from my not too long ago classroom days) students arriving on the first day of school with a single spiral and box of pencils. So this year, our back to school mini sessions will include a school supply and backpack drive to help make this new school year awesome for a few more kids in San Antonio. Want to win your back to school mini? Head to Crib and Kids before August 14 and  drop off a donation of school supplies for a raffle entry and your session could be on me! Can’t wait? Snag your seat in class here - and if you win the giveaway your session fee will be refunded. Sessions include a 20 minute shoot appointment, an online gallery, 5 digital downloads and a Facebook image or timeline cover. Sessions are suitable for any kiddos who is independently sitting to eye rolling high schoolers (because you CAN!). More than 3 kiddos will need back to back sessions – call me if you have more than 3!

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If ever there were two people who were destined to be the “cool” parents – it’s these two. Baby Theo doesn’t know it yet – but he’s in for a real treat.

They also happen to be two of my most favorite people on the whole planet. Bonus – we got to shoot in one of my most favorite San Antonio locations. I love the Southtown and King William districts for a different San Antonio vibe.

It’s easy to get caught up in the “high profile” spots around town and forget about these gems tucked in just a mile or two away. But then you get two like this… and it’s just a perfect fit.

The river is quiet and lush down here. The trees are so green, the tourists non existent and the water is beautiful without the high profile barges trolling back and forth.

Even cooler, baby Theo will grow up feeding the ducks along this stretch. He’ll probably get too close to the edge a time or two and he’ll take lots of cool evening walks here with his parents – making this spot and session even more special and memorable.

Thank you for inviting me into your ‘hood and allowing me to capture this amazing and special time for the three of you!

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Big Sis to Be, Olivia, is just about as sweet and sassy as they come. Even after many sessions together, she makes me work HARD for a smile!

Thankfully, she eventually warms up – but I have to admit – I really do love her “sassy” face when it comes around.

And this girl LOVES her momma… who just had baby sister Quinn!

Capturing the special bond between Olivia and Courtney before Quinn’s big arrival was so special. Olivia is soaking up her last few moments of being the “only”…

Even though sweet Quinn is technically in the pictures, too!

Miss Olivia is going ot be such a great big sister – and I love that she was able to be in Mom’s maternity pictures. INcluding a sibling in maternity pictures makes it special for everyone and makes them feel like an important part of the process.

I can’t wait to meet baby Quinn and see Olivia in action!

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I’ve recently discovered that it’s actually really rare to find mothers and daughters who are true friends. I’ve always had friends who were true friends with their mothers and didn’t realize what a gift that is.

To have each other, trust each other, and love each other more than just mother and daughter and so much more than just a friend. It’s a special gift to be able balance mothering a teen and befriending her. Angel walks that fine line daily with her sweet daughter.

To be able to capture them as mother/daughter/friends is a gift, too. Because I know that someday, these images will get them through. Someday, these images will be even more precious than they are now….

Someday, when they aren’t feeling very friendly because of life, or a boy, or school, or because mom-ing comes before friend-ing and growing up is hard to do… they’ll have these images. A perfect expression of their love for each other and their relationship.


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All too often I think, as moms, we forget that it’s important for us to be in front of the camera, too.

When our kids are all grown up, they won’t remember WHY we weren’t in the pictures. Just simply that they don’t have any pictures with the person who nurtured, loved, and raised them.

Jack is one of the sweetest and most boyish boys I’ve ever met! It’s such a pleasure to be able to watch him grow!

A casual session like this is the perfect way to capture their little personalities just as they are right now. No fussy outfits, no major posing.

Just Momma and the camera and some smiles!

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The perfect Mother’s Day gift for a special mom in your life. It always fits, it lasts forever and it will be cherished for generations!



Sessions will be hosted by Crib and Kids (1309 N Loop 1604 W, San Antonio, TX 78258) on Saturday, May 17 and Sunday, May 18 and will last approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

All sessions purchased as a gift (by May 5) will be beautifully packaged and ready for pick up on May 9 for gift giving on Mother’s Day (May 11).

Want a gentle nudge sent to remind someone you’d love a photo session for Mother’s Day? Send me an email, Facebook message or use the contact form above to give me their info and I’ll happily send them a little note!

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